How it Works

The Association of the Christian Home Workers, Inc. operates in the following way:

For each member that joins the organization, it is required that they fill out, complete, and notarize a membership registration form. (There is one available for you to download, complete and mail in on this website.) A Christian Home Worker representative will contact you promptly after receiving your registration form. All information must be completed, excluding your social security number (this info is only to be given to an authorized ACHW representative; this is for the organization's and beneficiaries' protection). There is a $32.00 joining fee and your registration form MUST BE notarized before mailing in. There is a $20.00 per month due for each ACHW member, paid on a monthly or annual basis, your choice. A new ACHW member must be current with all dues for one year (1 yr) before a beneficiary is eligible to collect a benevolence contribution check from the organization on behalf of that member. At the time of a member's death, the beneficiary or next of kin should contact the ACHW office at (281) 353-0914 and report the member's death and date of death. Our representatives are trained to assist you in these difficult times. If for some reason you are not able to speak with someone live on your first attempt, PLEASE leave a name and telephone number and WE WILL contact you back promptly.

For further assistance please contact us at (281) 353-0914 or, for emergencies, (281) 731-4525 for the operating manager/president.

The Association of the Christian Home Workers, Inc.
27310 Oak St.
Spring Texas, 77373
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 2718, Spring TX 77383