The Future & How to Contact us

The ACHW today continues to grow in love...

For over 60 years this organization's growth has been stimulated primarily by word of mouth advertisement. ACHW today is still reaching those under privileged families in rural areas and cities and by Internet through this website whereever there is a need for our services. We recognize the necessity for an organization such as ours, for there are those today just as yesterday who are still struggling with the same situations (not enough financial support at the time of death). Even more now than ever, it seems as if death invites itself in to our lives at the most inconvenient time. So as time moves on and inflation still is on the rise, ACHW strives to continuously be an influence in the lives of its members. Our struggles will never be over as long as there is a need for our services, and our goals will not cease until there is more than an adequate amount of support for its members at the time of death. There are new areas that ACHW would like to enter into that we know would be beneficial for its members, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

ACHW has averaged about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year for the last twenty years in financial support to our members. We are so grateful to our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for what GOD has done with this organization. We must continue to plan for the future to be a factor in other’s lives. We are asking YOU to be a part of one of Texas' most productive non-profit CHRISTIAN organizations.

PLEASE join us and become A CHRISTIAN HOME WORKER today!

Yours truly,
Pastor Roland Booker

For further assistance please contact us at (281) 353-0914 or, for emergencies, (281) 731-4525 for the operating manager/president.

The Association of the Christian Home Workers, Inc.
27310 Oak St.
Spring Texas, 77373
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 2718, Spring TX 77383


For all contributions and charitable donations to this worthy non-profit christian organization whether private corporations, companies or individuals PLEASE feel free to contact us by email or phone.