About us


This non-profit Christian organization began back in the 40's and continues to live on today. Over the years it has grown tremendously. The organization was formed when several community members in "Old Town Spring, Texas" recognized a need to begin supporting each other at a time when families suffered the most, the death of a loved one. Naturally no one likes preparing for one's life to come to an end. However, the original organizers of the CHRISTIAN HOME WORKERS group acknowledged the true fact that death does and will occur whether families are prepared for it or not, and true Christian families ought not to suffer the shame of being unprepared at such a difficult times as that. Consequently, these organizers came together in mind, soul, body and spirit and structured what can be truly identified as one of the most effective non-profit organizations operating today.

This organization was strictly set up to provide an agreeable amount of financial support to any chosen beneficiary (RELATIVE, MORTUARY, CHURCH, CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION, etc.) of a CHW member who passed away.

Since the birth of this organization over 60 years ago, the membership of the CHRISTIAN HOME WORKERS has serviced over 3000 members here in Texas and other parts of these United States.

Note: ACHW is a non-profit benevolence burial organization, not insurance company.